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VOLUME 14, 2013  Issue Number 11 , 6857-6862
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Beliefs and Behaviors of Breast Cancer Screening in Women Referring to Health Care Centers in Northwest Iran According to the Champion Health Belief Model Scale
Nasrin Fouladi et al
Background: Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. All ages are susceptible and more than
90% of the patients can be cured with early diagnosis. Breast self-examination (BSE) and mammography can be
useful for this aim. In this study we examined the components of the Champion health belief model to identify
if they could predict the intentions of women to perform such screening. Materials and Methods: A total of
380 women aged 30 and above who had referred to health-care centers were assessed for use of breast cancer
screening over the past year with a modified health belief model questionnaire. Logistic regression was applied
to identify leading independent predictors. Results: In this study 27% of the women performed BSE in the
last year but only 6.8% of them used mammography as a way of screening. There were significant differences
regarding all components of the model except for perceived severity between women that underwent BSE. over
the past year and those that did not. Findings were similar for mammography. Regression analysis revealed
that intentions to perform BSE were predicted by perceived self-efficacy and perceived barriers to BSE while
intentions to perform mammography were predicted by perceived barriers. Conclusions: This study indicated
that self-efficacy can support performance of BSE while perceived barriers are important for not performing
both BSE and mammography. Thus we must educate women to increase their self-efficacy and decrease their
perceived barriers.
Key Words: Breast cancer - screening - Champion health belief model - Northwest Iran
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