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VOLUME 14, 2013  Issue Number 8 , 4839-4842
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Schistosomiasis Combined with Colorectal Carcinoma Diagnosed Based on Endoscopic Findings and Clinicopathological Characteristics: A Report on 32 Cases
Wei Liu et al.
Aims and Background: To improve understanding of the relationship between schistosome-related enteropathy
and colorectal carcinoma with particular focus on endoscopic findings and clinicopathological characteristics of
colonic schistosomiasis. Materials and Methods: All cases of intestinal schistosomiasis diagnosed at West China
Hospital, Chengdu, China, between October 2006 and October 2012 were included in this study. A total of 179
cases of colonic schistosomiasis diagnosed through colonoscopy and pathological examinations were collected
for analysis and the demographics, symptoms, endoscopic findings and clinicopathological characteristics were
retrospectively evaluated. Results: Of the 179 colonic schistosomiasis patients, 32 combined with colorectal
cancer (CRC) were found, between the ages of 44 and 85 years (24 males, 75%). These 32 lesions were classified
as 12 endophytic/ulcerative (37.5%), 10 exophytic/fungating (31.2%), 4 annular (12.5%), 3 giant polypus (9.4%),
and 3 Ⅱc (superficial depressed type) (9.4%). The segments of rectum and sigmoid colon were involved in 19
patients (59.4%) and 6 patients (18.8%), respectively. The histopathologic types were classified as follows: 30 welldifferentiated
adenocarcinomas, one mucinous adenocarcinoma and one poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma.
The pathological findings suggest colorectal malignancy with deposited schistosome ova. Conclusions: Chronic
schistosomal infestation has a probable etiological role in promoting genesis of colorectal neoplasms.
Key Words: Colonoscopy - pathological examination - colorectal carcinoma - schistosomiasis
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