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APJCP Editorial Offices.
The Central Editorial Office is located in the National Cancer Center of Korea, with two additional offices in Nanjing, China, and Bangkok, Thailand, but submission is all electronic.

Only the Following Types of Manuscript can be Considered for Publication.
   Editorials Reviews Mini-reviews
   Research Articles Commentaries Letters to the Editor

Only papers formatted following our guidelines, as detailed below, can be considered for publication.

Peer Review and Criteria for Acceptance.
Manuscripts submitted to the APJCP are reviewed by two or more authorities for significance and validity and comments are supplied to the authors. Advice as to acceptability will normally be supplied within one or two months.In addition to scientific merit of the research itself, the most important criterion for acceptance is comprehensive referencing of the recent literature, especially that in Asian journals. Papers submitted with less than 20% of papers cited after 2012 will suffer automatic rejection as being out of date.

Submission of Manuscripts.
New submission is all electronic to APJCP website. There are no submission or processing charges for the APJCP. However, to defray costs of formatting and PubMed linkage there is presently a 200 US$ publication charge for those manuscripts which are accepted. Extra charges as necessary will be made for numerous/complex Tables and Figures.

Permission for Inclusion of Published Material and Author Consent.
The first and corresponding authors have full responsibility for obtaining permission for inclusion of previously published material in work submitted to the APJCP and to ensure all authors listed are in agreement with the submission. The corresponding author is also responsible for written assurance that the submitted material or portions thereof have neither been published previously nor are under present consideration of publication by this or other journals. The name and email address of the corresponding author will be used for all communication.

Organization of Manuscripts.
Title and Abstract page Concise title, authors names and affiliations, address for correspondence, Email address, concise abstract and key words should be included.
Text pages Arranged as appropriate for the type of manuscript.
Acknowledgements Sources of financial grants and other funding should be detailed (provide specific grant numbers where available). Information as to commercial or other links which might pose a conflict of interest should be provided.
References -In text cited as Yellow (2000), (Brown and Pink, 2000), (Black et al., 2000): NOT NUMBERED! Multiple references
within brackets should be chronologically listed (Zed et al., 1995; Ay et al., 2010), separated by semi-colons. -In the list, organization is alphabetical then by year, all authors if up to five, three and et al for more. NOT NUMBERED!
· Journal: Blue A, Pink B, Green C, et al (2000). Title. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, Volume, 322-4 LAST DIGIT ONLY!
· Book: Brown A, Pink B, Black C, et al (2000). Cancer prevention. In 'Neoplasia' , Eds Blue D and Red E. Asian Pacific Education Press, Bangkok pp 1-10 Numbers 322-4 LAST DIGIT ONLY! * If you need Endnote output style for references, you can download it below.
Tables In Tables and Text only, ONE! number after the decimal point, or two if only one digit before the decimal point. Tables should be in Excel file, and normally only up to 3 Tables are acepted as standard.
Figures Figures should be in Power Point file.

Proofs and Copyright.
Proofs will be sent as pdf files. Authors should print out whatever copies they need from the final pdf file. They retain copyright other than that necessary for publication in the APJCP. All APJCP content is Open Access, meaning it is accessible online to everyone, without fee or the authors' permission. Papers are published and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (http://creativecommons.org/ licenses/by/3.0/), under which authors reserve the copyright for their content; however, they permit anyone unrestricted non-commercial use as long as the original authors and source are cited.

The APJCP is published by the Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention and Control and the UICC-Asian Regional Office, with support from the National Cancer Center of Korea, to promote all areas of cancer prevention/ control in the Asian Pacific region. The journal is indexed on PubMed and free pdf files can be downloaded from Pubmed and our website www.apjcpcontrol.org. You will automatically be listed as an APOCP member on publication of a paper in the APJCP.
  Updated on August 11, 2015
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